TTS Minutes

TTS Board Meeting Minutes, November 9, 2014 
Start time:  9:43 a.m.

Attendees:  Board Members-Keith Gorley, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, charly van den bergh, Marty Drozdorf

I.  Reading and approval of minutes:  Minutes from October 19, 2014 were  approved.

II.  Reports:
    a.  Treasurer’s Report:  Previous balance was 1153.17.  Expenses were  311.57, which included the Halloween Milonga.  Collected $23 from Tardeada, and $50 in membership renewal.  Current balance is $1,363.60.
    b.  Membership Report:  43 paid members.  Memberships up for renewal are K.G., M.G, R.G., J.M, M.F., D.L., and J.T.
III. Business Discussed:
    a.  Donna will inform Keith of expiring memberships
    b.  Donna will revise/update Treasurer's Report
    c.  Keith will ask Rusty which bank he uses for his Paypal account
    d.  QTango
    e.  Admission for New Year Eve Milonga will be $25 for members and $35 for non-members.
    f.  Donna and Keith will meet to discuss paypal
   g.  charly responsible for flyer
   h.  Marty will purchase Dance Card drawing gifts
    i.  charly responsible for dance cards
    j.  Keith sign hotel contract
    k. Board members volunteered to transport guest back to hotel after shuttle stops running

IV.  Business deferred:
    a.  Policies and Procedures
    b.  Member benefits.
    c.  Film Series
    d.  Tucson Tango Festival
    e.  Advertisement

Next meeting November 23, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. at Maker House.

TTS Board Meeting Minutes  October 19, 2014
Start time 9:42 am, Bruegger's Bagel

Attendees: Board Members-Keith Gorley, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, and charly van den bergh
Absent-Marty Drozdorf 

 1. Reading and approval of minutes: Minutes from August 24, 2014 were approved. 2. Reports: a. Treasurer’s Report: Previous balance was 1172,06. Paid $26 for insurance; $2, bank service charge, $5.39 for decorations and $10 for candy. Collected $17 from Tardeada. Current balance is $1,170.17. b. Membership Report: 39 paid members
II. Old Business: a. Halloween Milonga: Costume prizes are bottles of Argentine wine. Categories are most innovative and best overall. b. New Year Eve Milonga: Paypal account authorized. Discussed sponsorships to offset cost.
c. Next Tardeada is November 2, 2014. d. Engaged in a lively and substantive discussion regarding TTS's reason for being, what we to offer the community, and community image.
III. New Business:
a. Existing Policies and Procedures rendered null and void. New Policies and Procedures will be drafted.
b. Member benefits are presented limited to reduced milonga admission and donation based Tardeada participation.
c. Film Series: Decision on hold pending licensing cost.
d. Tucson Tango Festival: What role would TTS play at festival, if any? How might we contribute?
IV. Action Items: a. Donna will obtain a food price quote from American Legion for next meeting.
b. charly will secure licensing cost for next meeting c. Keith and Donna will visit American Legion on October 22, 2014.
d. Agreed upon a disclaimer statement for future procedure. Will add: These are the people promoting themselves as teachers/instructors.
e. Donna authorized to purchase costume contest prizes

Next meeting November 9, 2014, at 9:30 a.m. at Bruegger's Bagel at Campbell and Speedway.
Meeting adjourned at 12:02 p.m.

TTS Annual Meeting Minutes  August 24, 2014
Start time:  3:01 p.m., Downtown Library

Attendees:  Board Members-Keith Gorley, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, and charly van den bergh
Members-Arlene Siegel
Absent-Marty Drozdorf

1.  Reading and approval of minutes:  Minutes from August 12, 2014 were not available for approval.
2.  Reports:
    a.  Treasurer’s Report:  Submitted but not read.  $200 paid to American Legion for Halloween Milonga.  Keith reimbursed for $35 membership fee to American Legion.  Current balance is $1,200.06. 
    b.  Membership Report:  One renewing membership check received.
    c.  NYE Venue Report:  Not discussed 
II. Old Business:
    a.  Flyer for tardeada at Varsity Club discussed.
    b.  Procedure for choosing winners of Costume Contest discussed.    
    c.  Revised Bylaws passed.  The biggest change was the elimination of honorary memberships. One is either a paid member or not.
    d.  Of the eleven ballots submitted, charly was unanimously elected to the Board.
III.  New Business: None.
IV.  Action Items:
    a.  Board members directed to submit agenda items for next meeting
    b.  Keith will send copies of current policies and procedures to Board members
    c.  charly will complete flyers for Halloween and tardeada for distribution on Wednesday

Next meeting September 11, 2014, at 7 p.m., at charly's.
Meeting adjourned at 4:22 p.m.

TTS Board Meeting Minutes  August 12, 2014
Start time:  6:10 p.m.  charly's house 

Meeting held at Charly Van Den Bergh's house
Attendees:  Board members Marty Drozdoff, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, and charly van den bergh
Absent-Keith Gorley

1.  Reading and approval of minutes from August 12th.

2.  Reports of officers and committees
        Treasurer's Report-we currrently have a balance of $1435.06, and a membership of 44 members.

3.  Old Business
       Halloween Milonga-Donna was able to obtain the American Legion Hall for $200 for October 31st.  We need to get prizes for the costume contest.
       Keith will file the membership paperwork for the Legion.
       New Year's Eve Milonga update-Allan Klus will be one of the two Dj's.  Marty will call Sheila, at the Hotel Tucson City Center to confirm the shuttle hours for the New Year's Eve Milonga.
       Elections will be held on Sunday at 3 PM at the downtown Library
       Status of practicas-instead of practicas, there will be room for people to practice on the side floors when we have our 1st Sunday of the month Tardeadas from 3 to 6 at the Varsity Club.
       Donna will send out the winning passes from the last Milonga.

4.  New Business-Marty will call the Varsity Club to confirm our reservations and to determine if they have a sound system set up or if we need to bring our own.  Marty will meet with Sal to record the music playlist onto MP3's for the Tardeadas.  Dancers can bring their own food and beverages.
      For NYE Milonga, it was discussed that vegetables and other serving appetizers be purchased at at a Supermarket as many restaurants are closed early for New Year's Eve. (TBD).
      Rubio's fundraiser for the 31st of August requires a flyer, which are available on Facebook.  It is only available at the Rubio's at Glenn and Campbell. 

5.  Meeting ended at 8:10 PM
6.  Next meeting-Annual Meeting, Sunday, August 24, 2014, 3 p.m.

TTS Board Meeting Minutes  July 27, 2014
Start time:  12:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Keith Gorley, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, charly van den bergh and Marty Drozdorff

1.  Reading and approval of minutes:  charly moved that the minutes be accepted and Sal seconded.

2.  Reports:
    a  Treasurer's Report:  $7.56 spent on dance cards, $227.50 for Cabaret rental and $50 for DJ.   Beginning balance of $1,572.57.  Current balance of $1,464.64.
    b.   Bastille Day Milonga:  Expenses $360.57.  Income $177.13.  Financial loss $183.44.  Three renewing members, one new member.
    c.  Membership Report:  44 members. 
II. Old Business:
    a.  New Year Eve Venue and Lodging Report:  Board agreed to hold milonga at American Legion.  Hotel Tucson City Center will set aside rooms and provide a shuttle.  Contracts to be negotiated. 
    b.  Cost of Cabaret promoted a discussion regarding future venues. 
    c.  American Legion fund raisers postpone still the Spring.
    d.  Allen Klus has agreed to be one of the two NYE DJs. 

III.  New Business:  None.   

IV.  Action Items:
    a.  Donna and Keith will stuff and mail out enevelopes on July 29, 2014.
    b.  charly will post Bylaws and ballot info on blog site.
    c.  Marty will follow-up with Hotel Tucson City Center
    d.  Donna will follow-up with American Legion
    e.  Keith will post a Call for DJs.
     f.  Keith will print ballot
Next meeting is August 17, 2014, 11:00 a.m., at charly's residence.
Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

TTS Board Meeting Minutes  June 29, 2014
 Start time 4:42 pm, Varsity Club

Attendees:  Keith Gorley, Donna Chattulani, Sal Montano, Marty Drozdorff, and charly van den bergh

1.  Reading and approval of minutes:  Marty motioned that the minutes be accepted; seconded by Charly.  Minutes approved.
2.  Reports:
     a.  Treasurer’s Report:  Since last meeting, $24.63 in milonga decorations deducted.  Bank balance is $1,600.57.
    b.  Membership Report:  42 paid members
    c.  NYE Venue Report:  Decision still pending on New Year Eve venue.  As good stewards of TTS's money, currently the American Legion (AM) in conjunction with Inn Suites Hotel is most feasible.  I repeat, a decision is still pending.
II. Old Business:
     a.  Charly has deposited our existing documents in a document storage folder.  Written instructions for placing and viewing documents was also completed.
    b.  Revised Bylaws comment period has been closed.  Discussed suggestions submitted by members.  Voting on the revised Bylaws will be combined with election of officers. 
    c.  Donna and Keith drafted a ballot and cover letter for pending elections.
    d.  Venues in general.  The American Legion may be our best financial option for New Years Eve. Varsity Club has been approved for use.
    e.  Fund raising.  Keith will visit Rubio's.  Discussed a Pot Luck Dinner and Dance.  Board waiting a response from AM regarding venue cost.    UU church on 22nd, discussed as a possible venue.

III.  New Business:
      a.  Mission and vision statements were condensed/revised.

IV.  Action Items:
     a.  Charly will contact La Placita and Loft theatre  (open item)
     b.  Marty will visit Inn Suites Hotel and report back at next meeting.

Next meeting July 6, 2014, at 11 a.m., at Charly's.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

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