The Tucson Tango Society would like to continue to serve our community; however, in order to do so, new blood is being asked to step up and lead the Society into its next phase.  The new phase will be determined by those chosen by the membership to run it.  We are well aware that we have not satisfied everyone, but truthfully, no individual or group has ever saisfied everyone.  It is not humanly possible.  Personally, I have not satisfied all of the people I know all of the time.  Some will never be satisfied, no matter what it is that I do.  That's life!

The survey repsonses submitted were generally favorable with one respondent perceiving the Board as being partial to some milongas and not others.  Respondents also suggested that we do more.  This we cannot do, as we are limited by the number of members on the Board.  We have lives outside of tango.  We asked that those who want the Society to do more, that you step up and take on that responsibility.  We are well aware that the cultural component has been missing.  We are also aware of the fact that we cannot maintain a clendar without a webmaster.  We have done what we could, with the manpower and time allotted to us.  A hearty thank you to those who answered our survey.

Our next milonga is May 30, 2015, from 8 to12 p.m., at the UU Church on 22nd Street.  Join us for a fun night of dancing.

Board President, Keith

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